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2012 National Taiwan University Entrepreneurship Week

  •  What is NTU Entrepreneursip Week ?

 Originated in 2011 NTU Entrepreneurship week, our goal is to create a platform where students can stimulate their own entrepreneurial energy and share their ideas.

 Right now, 2012 NTU Entrepreneurship Week holds a series of activities so as to let the creative business concepts spread around the campus !

 Interacting with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs predecessors, we welcome everyone to participate in our activities and enjoy the week !

  • Schedule & Information

In the following, besides the map at the top of the article, there are the whole two weeks’ schedule & information !

  • Time :   May 14th ~ May 26th   ,  2012

  • Location :  National Taiwan University (NTU)

  • 5/14  Mon  18:30~21:30 

Opening ceremony of 2012 NTU Entrepreneurship Week
Cooperating with NTU D.Thinking Club , we will project an incoming movie – DESIGN & THINK and panel with the Producer of  DESIGN & THINK                           

DESIGN & THINK Official Website : http://www.designthinkingmovie.com/

  • 5/15  Tue 18:30~21:30 @ NTU Library – B1 International Conference Room


Cultural and Creative Industries – Interaction Between Art and Business

Speaker :

Council Member of Taiwan Creativity Development Association (CCDA) –曹筱玥

CCDA Official Website: http://www.ccda.org.tw/

  • 5/16 Wed 18:30~21:30 @ Café of Agricultural Exhibition Hall

Panel Discussion : Sharing Experience of Youth Entrepreneur Part.1

Speakers :

Petite Amie Skincare http://www.petiteamie.com.tw/

BIOS Monthly http://www.biosmonthly.com/aboutus.php

Re-Lab http://re-lab.blogspot.com/

  • 5/17 Thu 18:30~21:30 @ gis NTU Convention Center – Socrates Chamber

Lecture :

Do Startup or not? – The World  That You Have Changed

Speaker: Chairman of EASYCARD Corp. – 劉奕程

EASYCARD Official Website : http://www.easycard.com.tw/

  • 5/21 Mon 18:30~21:30 @ Café of Agricultural Exhibition Hall

Panel Discussion : Sharing Experience of Youth Entrepreneur Part.2

Speakers :

StorySense Computing Inc. http://www.whatsthenumberapp.com/

TechOrange科技報橘  http://techorange.com/

Changee Coke http://www.facebook.com/changeecoke

  • 5/22 Tue 18:30~21:30 @ gis NTU Convention Center – Plato Chamber

Social Enterprise Forum in Taiwan

Speakers :

1. Founder of ÖKOGREEN – 余宛如

ÖKOGREEN Official Website: 


2. Publisher of The Big Issue Taiwan – 李取中

The Big Issue Taiwan  Official Website: 


3. Founder of ELIV – 陳聖凱

ELIV  Official  Website: 


4. Founder of Social Enterprise Insights– 林以涵

Social Enterprise Insights  website:


  • 5/23 Wed 15:30~17:30 @ Café of Agricultural Exhibition Hall

Lecture :

Venture Capitalist ? What’s That ? Is It Eatable ? 

Speaker: One of the most famous Net VC in Taiwan – Mr.Jamie 林之晨

Mr.Jamie’s Blog : http://mrjamie.cc/

  • 5/23 Wed 18:30~21:30 @ Café of Agricultural Exhibition Hall

Panel Discussion : Sharing Experience of Youth Entrepreneur Part.3

Panel: When Social Web Site Meet App


1. Founder of LGS 傳奇圍棋網 – 翁志源  


2. Founder of 學思科技股份有限公司 and MobiCloud Inc. – 曾思遠 

 http://www.imlearning.com.tw  http://www.mobicloud.com.tw/

3. Founder of Disp BBS – 黃俊德  


4. Founder of Very Buy – 王怡婷  


5. Founder of 走著瞧股份有限公司


6. Founder of Inside, co-founder of iCook, Polydice, Inc. 林宜儒

 http://tw.polydice.com/ http://icook.tw/ http://www.inside.com.tw/

7. Developer of Mr.Plurk, Polydice Inc. Mobile Developer – 江鍾權


8. CEO of Febel Inc. – 施政源

  • 5/24 Thu 18:30~21:30  @ NTU Library – B1 International Conference Room

Forum topic: Comparison and Development of Startup Environment Between Taiwan and China


1. Managing Director of Yushan Ventures, Ltd. – Volker Heistermann

Yushan Ventures Official website :


2. Founder of 上海百摩信息技術有限公司 – 胡月(Steve Hu)

3. Founder of Buyble國際代購2.0 – 呂元鐘(Max Lu)

Buyble  Official Website: http://www.buyble.com.tw/

* Picture was made by Jimmy Guo



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