2011 NTU Entrepreneur Week Review

Last year, NTU Entrepreneur Week made wonderful impressions on entrepreneurs, VCs and NTU students who joined the activities. Right now, let’s recall the entire Entrepreneurship Week again and recollect the entrepreneurial passions!

(NTU – National Taiwan University. VC – Venture Capitalist)

Before NTU Entrepreneur Week

  • 4/19-5/9 NTU Advanced Creative Sharing Contest

There was an innovation contest which was held a few weeks before the activity! The contest was divided into two groups:

“Innovative Entrepreneur Group” & “4G Foresight Group”

In each group, there were many teams signing up, thinking up novel business ideas and presenting their business plans. During the contest, they began a series of exciting competition!





  •  4/19-5/9 校園尖端創意分享會

在創業週開始的前幾週,舉辦一場創新競賽。分為  “創意創業組"  與  “4G前瞻組"  ,每組皆有不同團隊報名並想出新奇有趣的點子,展開一系列的激烈競賽!