2011 NTU Entrepreneur Week Review

Last year, NTU Entrepreneur Week made wonderful impressions on entrepreneurs, VCs and NTU students who joined the activities. Right now, let’s recall the entire Entrepreneurship Week again and recollect the entrepreneurial passions!

(NTU – National Taiwan University. VC – Venture Capitalist)

Before NTU Entrepreneur Week

  • 4/19-5/9 NTU Advanced Creative Sharing Contest

There was an innovation contest which was held a few weeks before the activity! The contest was divided into two groups:

“Innovative Entrepreneur Group” & “4G Foresight Group”

In each group, there were many teams signing up, thinking up novel business ideas and presenting their business plans. During the contest, they began a series of exciting competition!

  • 5/7 Mother’s Day thanksgiving feedback

While working hard on business, don’t forget to show gratitude for our Mom! Cooperating with NKSDCHOCO, we sold delicious manual chocolate to deliver our loves. Happy Mother’s Day for everyone on the week!

(NKSDCHOCO – A shop which sales manual chocolate. Website:http://www.nksdchoco.com)

NTU Entrepreneur Week (5/9-5/14)

  • 5/9 Opening Ceremony, Entrepreneur Party & NTU Advanced Creative Sharing Contest Finals

Today was the first yet one of the most important days on NTU Entrepreneur Week! We invited two VIPs to give a speech for opening ceremony (18:00) at International Conference room, College of Law, NTU:

Founder and Chairman of Global Mobile Corp.Mrs. Ho (Rosemary Ho何薇玲女士)

Founder of Creativity & Entrepreneurship Program, NTUProf. Chen (Liang Gee Chen 陳良基教授)

The speech told about Network Entrepreneurship which raised the second trends of network business!

  After the ceremony, there was an entrepreneur party (21:00) at 5 sense café! By the way, before reviewing the party, let’s see what happened in the afternoon. Remembering NTU Advanced Creative Sharing Contest? Today was the finals, and all teams presented their ideas so as to win the champion! What’s more, the champion team would be invited to join the party! The party let everyone share their ideas and make friends with others, giving a perfect ending for the first day!

  • 5/10 Entrepreneurship Forum

In Global Lounge, Second Student Activity Center, NTU, we invited two VIPS to talk about “cultural creative industry”:

President General Manager of Airiti IncorporationMr. Chang (Hsiao Yu Chang 常效宇先生)

President General Manager & CD of BrightIdeas Design IncorporationMrs. Lin (Yin Fang Lin 林吟芳女士)

This forum attracted many students who were interested in cultural creative industry! Tonight was a wonderful night for culture & creativity!

(CD – Creative Director)

  • 5/11 NTU Entrepreneur Week Workshop & Mr.Dai’s Lecture

On Wednesday afternoon, we invited “President General Manager of Wretch.ccMr. Lin (Hong Quan Lin 林弘全先生)” to host the workshop, he was also a VC for network entrepreneurship. During the workshop, he shared his entrepreneurial experience and told the tips that could attract other VCs to invest your company!

The following activity was one of the most important events at International Conference room, NTULibrary. We invited “President General Manager of Wang Steak Mr. Dai (Sheng Yi Dai 戴勝益先生)” to give a speech. As his enthralling topic,” WOW! WOW! WOW! “, he shared his own abounding & divertive entrepreneurial experience. The speech uncovered the grandeur legend of Wang Steak, one of the best-known restaurants in Taiwan!

  • 5/12 Entrepreneur Panel Discussion

From network to dining, we invited lots of entrepreneurs and VCs. Toady, let’s switched our focus on technology & Humanities. The discussion was held by NTU Entrepreneur Week & NTU Student Association, with two VIPs:

Founder of Phison Electronics CorporationMr. Pan (Jian Cheng Pan 潘建成先生)

President General Manager of CommonWealth MagazineMr. Lin (Tim Lai Lin 林天來先生)

  We hoped that we could build the connections between the society & campus, giving more chances for students & community.

  • 5/13 Design Thinking Workshop

We invited NTU student club “D.Thinking" to stir everyone’s creativity at the workshop!

  • 5/14 Entrepreneur Night

Tonight was the climax of NTU Entrepreneur Week! Gathering at Living One restaurant , NTU , we invited all VIPs during the week and the champion team on NTU Advanced Creative Sharing Contest to join this event. At this star-studded night, while enjoying the meals, you could talk with entrepreneurs, VCs and other NTU students. Entrepreneur Night also drew NTU Entrepreneur Week a perfect ending!

Did you love NTU Entrepreneur Week in 2011? This year, 2012 , NTU Entrepreneurship Week will bring you more fascinating activities! NTU Entrepreneurship Week welcomes you to join our event!




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